{My Wedding} Part 4: The Reception

 Are you getting tired of wedding pictures yet?? I promise I'll stop soon. Maybe.

 {Black Tie Mousse Cake}
 {Lemon Cream Puffs}
 {Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake}

 {Sneaking in our first hugs wherever we could :) }
 {Bustling the dress for the rest of the day}

{Grandpa Krahn blessing us and praying over the food}

 {Taking a look at the new ring}
 {We made them work for our kisses :) }

{A dear group of friends from Bright Lights traveled for our special day and even sang for our guests}

 {Groom + groomsmen + two of the ushers}

{Groom + groomsmen}

 {My brothers made Ben go through them to get to me.}

 {Bride + bridesmaids}

 {My amazing mother}

 {Okay, maybe one ;) }

 {Before we left, we surprised our parents by playing a video we had made 
thanking them for their investment in our lives}

 {See the man giving a thumbs up in the background? That wonderful guy started courting this sister of mine on our wedding day. Guess catching the bouquet works after all!}

{We almost forgot to sign our marriage license before leaving}

{I didn't know how to sign the marriage license...Emily Schuurmans or Emily Mitton? Or Emily Schuurmans-Mitton? 
We brought out the lawyer, my previous employer, and he helped us out.}

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