How Would Strangers Describe You?

“You’re fierce!”

Fierce? I’ve got to admit, that was a first for me. Being a 100-some-pound, 20-year-old gal that’s barely over 5 feet tall, “fierce” isn’t quite the description I was familiar with people using in reference to me. The thought made us both laugh.

I was talking with Pete, a 65-year-old man at a gas station in Sioux Falls who was new to the area, just having come from Georgia. He caught my attention from the other side of the pump to ask where to find the nearest shoe store, and somehow we went from talking about shoes and special arches and cranky drivers to discussing whether salvation is of grace or of works. See the connection? . . . Neither do I. 

It’s funny how that happens, though. When we fill our minds and hearts with spiritual things, that’s going to be what comes out, and I can’t imagine anything more important to do (aside from spending time with the Lord ourselves), than talking about Him to others because, "Once you die,"  I told Pete, "your chance is over. If you got it wrong on earth, you get it wrong forever. How important it is that we work out our salvation with fear and trembling!" 

It’s so easy to talk about everything else but the Lord, usually because everything else but the Lord is what fills our thoughts throughout the day. But if we saturate our minds with the Scriptures, then talking about Him will become as natural and as comfortable as if we are talking about shoe stores, and what feels like normal conversations to us, suddenly become "witnessing encounters".

I know most of us are always busy, but there are so many creative and simple ways to keep our minds stayed on Jesus. For example, as much as I love books, I love listening to them way more than I do reading them, so when I get ready in the mornings, I find it helpful to also use that time to listen to the Bible by keeping it playing over my speakers in the background (not to take place of that special time just for focusing on the Word, but as an added benefit). I also strive to use time on the road to listen to some kind of sermon or teaching series in between errands, or on the way to church, or wherever it is I’m going, and set my phone's desktop to a verse, or a reminder on my cell to pop up a certain passage of Scripture at various times throughout the day so that God’s Word is always in front of me.

When I was talking with Pete, I was reminded of how important it is that we not “compartmentalize” Christianity, but rather embrace those needed disciplines of a godly man or woman so that we don't have to "shift gears" mentally in order to start talking to someone about the Lord.

“I was just hoping you wouldn’t think I was a creep or something,” he said, “but then you went over here and shared the Gospel with me . . . you’ve got guts.” I laughed again, but as I thought on it later, it saddened me that talking about the Lord to a stranger would be seen as something that takes guts. Do we really have anything to be embarrassed about? Ours is the only God who defeated the grave! He is Creator, Sustainer, Judge, and Redeemer; He is omniscient, omnipresent, immortal, victorious, full of power, might and majesty. Every knee is going to bow to Him, and every tongue is going to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. He has already won every battle that has been or will be fought. His Word has not failed once, and is a blue print for successful living, holding every answer we need to be a triumphant and jubilant people. History, science, fulfilled prophecy, answered prayer and the testimony of His Spirit in the lives of His children all point to Him as being true and living. Indeed, we have every reason to boast about our God and talk about Him with pride and joy! So glorious is the beauty of His holiness that we will spend an eternity of eternities worshiping Him and never grow weary of it.

So, call me fierce, but I like to talk about my God.

He impresses me.

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