Sometimes We Get Our Priorities Upside Down

Or am I the only one that struggles with that? It's so easy to be busy all the time, and yet accomplish nothing of lasting value, fixing oneself comfortably in the "nice, but nothing" category and filling time with all manner of good things. Sacrificing the best.

Good things. They can be so deceptive. Often what we want to do are good things and we make time for such easily commendable busyness, justifying ourselves. After all, somehow, someway, we find ways to make time for those things we want to do, and effortlessly complain at having no time for those things which would have been better, but would have been harder. 

Good things. They keep our hands tied with constant activity and do accomplish some measure of profit, yet - we are robbed. We our robbed and our families our robbed. Our churches and our communities are robbed for us having missed the mark, for us having fallen short of God's design for who we would and should have become, had we spent less time spending ourselves with "good" at the expense of "best". 

Every decision is at the expense of another; every choice an exchange for something else. Choose the best. Rise to the competition, and then raise the standard higher. "Always do the next best thing," my dad tells me. 

Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.
Thomas Edison

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