Happy Valentine's Day! {Ben & Lesley}

Remember this couple from two months ago? I remember how surprised I was when I heard they were courting - I hadn't even known they knew each other! But their families had both reached out to welcome ours when we were strangers in an unfamiliar place and going through a difficult time. Their zeal for the Lord and hearts of love and service were definitely well-matched. It was a true joy to hear about how God worked to bring Ben and Lesley together!

I was only one of a handful of photographers on the big day, and in fact (quite sadly) ended up having to leave early due to icy roads. That, however, felt like a minor trouble in comparison to the many unforeseen camera difficulties we had which commenced to a little panic and a lot of flexibility and equipment sharing. :)  

I thought as a Valentine's treat to all of my faithful blogger friends, I would share some of the special moments from their wedding. Enjoy and happy Valentine's Day! :) Rejoice in EVERY season in life!!

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