Creation Museum & Pennsylvania Conferences

On our way to Pennsylvania, part of our team stopped in Kentucky for a day at the Creation Museum. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time there! One of the highlights for me was how much Scripture was used. I doubt there was one room where Bible passages were, if not on pictures, plaques or monuments, spoken and sung out of the sound system! I loved to see God's Word honored, exalted, and proclaimed in truth.

For a short time I was nearby a father who tenderly led his young son by the hand and explained to him how, though our evidence is the same, Evolutionist's and Creationist's conclusions are different, as determined by their belief system. One denies God's existence and therefore must find altenernative explanations for Creation. The other, believing in God as the Creator of the world, sees His hand in everything, using His Word as the ultimate authority.

Another man, in response to the displays he was reading on the miracle of life, said to his wife, "So . . . they are saying life begins at conception . . ." After a slight pause, he said thoughtfully, "Then what does that mean about abortion?" It seemed as though this was the first time it really clicked.

Just in the day we were at the museum, about 2,000 visitors came through. Many of these were comprehending, for the first time, life-changing truths. Please pray for the museum and the thousands of people it reaches with the Gospel! For, as Hosea 4:6 says, "People are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

After our time at the museum, our team reunited in the beautiful hills of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, for another week of conferences -- starting tonight! As you think of us, here are some ways you can pray for our effectiveness:

The health, energy and joy of our team
God-ordained small groups
Wisdom shared be pleasing to the Lord
Discernment from the Holy Spirit
Blessings on technical logistics
Powerful testimonies
Sensitivity to the Lord's leading
Gospel message communicated with power
Zeal for evangelism increase and spread
Understanding deepened in father's and mother's sessions
Many late registrations

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