Thank You!

Signing a table-full of thank-you's reminded us just how much of a group effort conferences are! No one person can be credited for the overall success of the event, but rather it is our delight to see the body of Christ in action - each serving according to his or her abilities towards the completeting of one goal. That includes those of you who, though you are hundreds of miles away, have been praying for the unity and health of our team, the effectiveness of each testimony. We, too, have been praying for the measure of godliness being infused into these daughters, who will, one day, be wives and mothers, counseling and helping our leaders, and teaching the next generation's children.

These are only some of the familiar faces I was very delighted to see in Omaha, Nebraska! :)

Mom and Dad were able to come down for most of the Radiant Purity conference, and though our time together was brief, it was very encouraging! I was pleasantly surprised with how much "catching up" can be packed into one lunch break. :)

I have found it to be a great growing experience for me to travel with Bright Lights; it's wonderful to see hundreds of girls come into these churches - some with uncertainty written over their faces, some with godly joy and confidence, others struggling with bitterness, fear, regret - but almost all leaving with renewed focus, testimonies, inspiration, commitments, and a determination to delight in dwelling in the center of God's will, whatever that be.

One girl wrote towards the end of the conference that she had commited to making, "permanent decisions on temporary emotions". I thought that was an insightful comment. Emotions are temporary and oftentimes misleading, which is why we do not base our decisions on how we feel, but rather on the Word of God. Will God not pour His blessings out on such faith? I am so grateful for the reliability and sufficiency of the Scriptures!

Trust in him at all times;
ye people, pour out your heart before him:
God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Psalm 62:8