Radiant Purity Conference in Pictures

Since I can't possibly describe for you all that was packed into our time in Arkansas, I'm going to let pictures do most of the talking this time. :)

In between conferences, we were all blessed by the Duggar's hospitality!

 It was interesting showing up with TLC and Good Morning America there ... we all were asked to sign release papers for their filming.

It happened to be Jason's birthday as well. :)
Back to conference work the next day!

During our first session, sirens went off, and we evacuated the entire sanctuary, due to two tornados on the ground. The building we were in was right in the path of one of the tornados, and I believe it got within a mile before turning northeast! It was a close call, but also encouraging to watch as nearly 400 men, women and children were united in prayer and song, trusting the Lord to protect us - and He did!

The rooms were very full as we waited!
 The handful of fathers who were there helped keep watch.
 A beautiful sunset after the storm had passed. :)
 Sarah giving a chalk talk.

A French crew came in to film the conference, since the Duggar girls were attending ...

 (Illustrating the protection of staying under our parent's authority.)

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