My First View of 2011

Isn't it beautiful?! Mom rushed to wake me up this morning, telling me to grab the camera and follow her. Half blind and still partially dreaming, I staggered down the stairs and followed her to the east side of our home, looked outside to where she was pointing and exclaimed, "What is THAT?!" Since I normally wear contacts, things were a little blurry; I blinked hard a few times and nervously decided I was seeing two suns. But then I realized - there were 3 . . . what? Someone put me back to bed. 

I forgot for a moment that she had brought me down to take a picture, so I stood gaping at the scene before me for a minute trying to understand why the sun was in brackets. Then, grabbing my brothers shoes, I clonked onto the deck and captured this sight. What a beautiful entrance into 2011! 

Do you have resolutions for the new year?  I do have goals and a vision for this year, but I decided to endeavor carrying out a theme of doing. I've tried in vain to think of one word that means "do it now" (the opposite of procrastination). Can you help me think of one?

Blessed is that servant, 
whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing 
Luke 12:43