Word Study: Virtue

I love word studies. Going back to the original Greek or Hebrew on specific words in the Scripture, and then looking at parallel texts has often given me a fresh perspective on a passage, and helped me apply it to my life more accurately. For example, when you think of the "virtuous" woman, what comes to mind? Is the Bible emphasizing moral purity or something else? Here's a little food for thought; please share with me any conclusions or insights you have!

In the following verses, the root word for VIRTUE (virtuous, virtuously) is "chayil" which means

1. Force, strength (of mind or body)

Sounds familiar, right? Well, you may find it interesting to know that this same word "chayil" is translated a little differently in other passages. Take a look:


Army – 54x
Valour – 37x
Host – 29x
Valiant – 14x
Forces – 13x
Strength – 12x
Riches – 11x
Wealth – 10x
Power – 9x
Substance – 8x
Might – 7x
Strong – 5x
Valiantly – 5x
Able – 3x
Virtuous – 3x

I found it a little intriguing that this same word that's used to communicate strength, might and power is used to describe a woman of great price. Perhaps the strength is not as much physical as it is spiritual? Hmm . . . :) Any thoughts?

Thanks to Mr. David B. for sharing his study and to Mom for the picture.

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