90 Years Old on 10-10-10

Our Grandma Thelma Ferguson (affectionately called "Mia") turned a beautiful 90 years old yesterday. As you'll see in these pictures, her face is often looking up towards the heavens - where the One, Who has long been the delight of her sweet heart, resides. Mia is an example to us all of delighting in Christ, His Word, and the Church. As a way of showing special appreciation for her on her 90th birthday, one of her other daughters, Shirley, and her family were able to travel from Tennessee to be with us as we celebrated her life together by watching an outstanding slideshow Mom had made of her past, and then enjoying a time of fellowship with her church family.

My grandma smiles when I hold her hand. She looks down and softly laughs. She does not know my name and does not know I'm her daughter's child, but her love is still there for me to feel. She pats my hand as I hold her other, and she begins to sing to me. Her voice is beautiful as a sweet mellow bird and I hear her soul as it praises our God from words of devotion in her song. My grandma cannot see well and she tells me the same things over and over. I have to dress her in the morning before we go to church and she is forgetting how to use a spoon, but my grandma, how beautiful is her soul. How alive and full of wisdom to share. My grandma does not know me. She does not know my name, but she has shown me she is strong. Her hands are wrinkled, but she has shown me beauty. Her hands don't know how to move a pencil any longer, but she has shown me wisdom. My grandma's hands are warm in mine and she passes down to me her love.

- Melissa Schuurmans

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