SMC, VI: Psalm 119

Last Friday, we were able to come together for another Scripture Memory Challenge at a beautiful senior assisted living near Sioux Falls! I wasn't able to get any pictures this time, but Jewel and Nina snapped a few here and there... thanks, girls!

Psalm 119 - the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses) was originally written as an acrostic poem, so there are 22 sections - 1 for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

We each took on a section and quoted it for the residents at Trail Ridge (though some memorized more than they quoted- Cynthia Larson memorized the entire chapter)!

We also had a little time to share testimonies (thanks again, Anika!)...

and special music (thanks to Hannah for playing the harp beautifully, and to Laura and Amy for your beautiful performance on violin, flute and piano)...

Trail Ridge was a lovely place (and much larger than what you can see here).

A portion of our group. :)

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, 
that I might not sin against thee.
Psalm 119:11

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