The Power of a Vision

This scene may look tranquil and inviting, but it most definitely was not. In fact, as I stood holding my camera in a swarm of mosquitos I wondered what in the world I was doing. I'd probably wake up the next morning with malaria! A few minutes earlier when I had caught site of this deer across the road from our house, I thought I could get a nice enough shot from our porch without taking the plunge into the dreadful hoard of mosquitos coloring our acreage this week.

I was wrong.

There were too many obstacles in the way messing up my focus, the foreground was distracting, and I didn't have enough clarity from the distance I was trying to shoot. When the deer took off behind the shelter belt, I flew out the door and dashed for the woods until I got closer... at which point, I decided giving a less monstrous approach might be more successful and began to walk softly until I found a good composition through the trees. I stood still, waiting for just the right moment, but began to feel small pains all the way up my arms. Ouch! I looked down and saw a whole family of mosquitos making themselves at home - on me! I brushed them off and focused again on the deer. But all of 2 seconds later, I now not only had mosquitos on my arms, but everywhere else, too. I couldn't brush them off this time or I'd loose my shot. I couldn't run away, or I'd have gone out there for nothing, so trying to push aside the irritation, I fixed my eyes on the scene through my lens until... YES! She looked at me, I snapped the shot and bolted out of the trees, not stopping until I was safe inside the house. 
"Whew... hope that was worth it." I thought as the itching began.

Later, I wondered what had given me the endurance to stay and the determination to get a good shot. I then realized I had a vision of what I wanted that picture to turn out like. I had a goal, something I was looking for, working for - and that goal and vision for the end result helped me discern what I was willing to sacrifice in order to obtain it. What is your goal? Do you have a vision for your future? Opportunities will come for you to obtain your vision - often at unexpected or inconvenient times, and sometimes with less than desirable circumstances, but you must ask yourself the relative value of sacrifice and victory - is what you desire worth the cost? If so, shun the pain and hard work, and thrust all your energy and attention into accomplishing what is set before you to the best of your ability. Or, wear mosquito spray.

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