From My Mother's Diary...

A few weeks ago, Mom ran across this entry in her diary written over 13 years ago. As she read it to me, I was so thankful someone had written down the details of the day I received Christ, because although I know my salvation was genuine, a little 6 year old girl doesn't quite remember everything exactly right... or at least like a mother would. :) So, at the risk of a little humbling, here's her entry...

February 24, 1997

After weeks of bringing up a concern for her own salvation, Emily told me this morning that last night when she had gone to bed she had asked Jesus to come into her heart and change it. She said she had asked him to forgive her and to help her to not do any bad things any more. She doesn't want to do bad works any more. I listened intently as she offered the details of what she had done. She suggests she regularly prays asking Jesus to forgive her of her sins. She said Philip prayed with her after church Sunday morning. He has regularly shown concern for her salvation as best as I can discern from little things she has said. Sarah said that Rachel and Hannah and others mention her every week at prayer time in YPL. Anyway, later in the morning, after fixing a leaking pipe in the basement, Daddy and Emily had a long talk in our room. He asked her many questions, he said, and was very pleased with her answers as they seemed to reflect a genuine understanding of the way of salvation (although in our announcement and questioning before the family 1/2 hour later there was not that clear and logical group of answers that wistful parents hope for). Then, before leaving the room, Daddy led her in a prayer to receive Christ, perhaps as much to clarify as to confirm.

We were all quite pleased and hopeful for her. She is such a precious little thing to us all; she's so always inclined to do what is right and ashamed at failings. Too harsh a scolding she never needs... a gentle word is as apt to send her chin in a pitiful quiver. My heart is stirred by hers.

It was observed by her as something of a holiday today. She made several references to the significance of the occasion throughout the morning (at one point even using it as bait for the fulfillment of some favor by me... I forget now what... food or drink I believe). At another time, as I was working in the kitchen alone she paused while passing through long enough to reflect happily, though with quiet relief, that she was, "really glad that I got saved...finally!"

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
Romans 10:10

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