Two Special People

Last week we got to have Stephen home again for the first time in many, many months as he's been serving as a UAV Pilot in the Army overseas! I don't think one realizes how precious family is until they get separated... as I saw Mom greet him with tears in her eyes, I was reminded of this fact, and thanked the Lord for the special bond that we all share.

Love is so much more than a feeling, it is a decision that once made, can endure through the best and hardest of times, grow larger and reach greater depths as time goes on.

I've seen Mom express this kind of love for as long as I've known her-- always loving more one year than she did the previous, no matter what has come into her path. Sometimes that love has different ways it plays out, whether it be a tangible reminder she's passed on to us, or a word of exhortation from life experience, I have never doubted that she is compelled in her heart to see that all of her children walk in the truth.

Such a woman can not be compared to anything money could buy, and I praise the Lord for blessing me with her! She is so much more than a mother to me, she is a teacher, encourager, counsellor and best friend.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

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