VOM: Action Packs

We have been blessed far beyond our merit here in America. In fact, I often believe we are spoiled with all the comforts and luxuries of our country. It becomes so easy when our needs are few, to forget those whose needs are many, but Luke 12:48 reminds us,

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required:"

Photo by Leroy Skalstad

As I was thinking of how to be good stewards of the many tangible ways God has blessed us, the Lord reminded me of the ministry Voice of the Martyrs. One of the ways they minister to Christians all around the world is by filling Action Packs.

With a donation of $7, VOM will send you a large vacuum sealed bag to fill with items from the list they provide. When you have filled it, you mail it back to Voice of the Martyrs, at which point they will include the gospel in the language of the people and send it to those who are most in need in that country.

I am currently filling a pack for Pakistan. Would you like to add to it? Below is a list of items that can be sent to them:

If you are local to me
, please feel free to pass on any of the above items to be donated to any of these three countries (Iraq and Sudan have different lists that you can read at the VOM website) and as the Lord provides financially (I am not yet sure of the shipping expense to mail the pack back to VOM), I intend on sending out packs monthly. If you are not local, or if you would like to send your own packs, you can order them here.