In the past two years it seems like a lot of goodbyes have passed between us as a family... first Stephen, then Sarah, and now Melissa! A little over a week ago, Melissa left for Indianapolis, Indiana to teach Hispanic children at the Indianapolis Training Center.

As you who know Melissa are well aware, she has never been one to
idle. :) Whether at home or abroad, her schedule almost always is jam packed-- whether it's nannying, working as an EMT, or spending quality time with friends and family. Among her many interests, Melissa has, for as long as I can remember, had a sincere and deep love for different cultures and serving at the ITC gives her the opportunity to put her burden to use as she gives of her time and energy to reach out to the Mexican people living in the Indianapolis area. Although it's exciting to see how God has prepared and directed different siblings to different places, it also means another empty chair around the table... we will sorely miss Melissa's vivacious contribution to our home!!

Ice skating with friends :)

We kids have a common love for tornadic weather
(when it's not endangering lives, that is)...

I love you, Melissa!!
First five pictures were not taken by Emily's Photography.
Second photo by Jordan Cutler.