A Christian View of Weather

Last Thursday we had the adventure of watching quite a bit of rotation by our place. Although none of the potential tornados we saw dropped, some successfully made it to the ground here and there in our county. Though I don't like to say I enjoy the damage "bad" weather can bring, I have to admit, nothing beats the excitement as you feel something building up in the air, see flashes of pink lightning, hear and feel vicious winds and see the sky's color change... am I the only one :)?

You'll have to forgive this low quality picture... I snapped it with my cell phone before we ran to the basement :). You can't tell really well, unfortunately, the size and depth of what we were sure was going to drop, but it's the best I could do under the circumstances!

Try to be like the shepherd on Salisbury Plain, whose story should never be forgotten. When he was asked, "Is it good weather?" he answered, "Yes, it is all good weather that God sends." "But does this weather please you?" "If it pleases God, it pleases me," was his reply.

--Charles Spurgeon