The Body of Believers

I’ve been reminded, because of the upcoming business meeting at our church, that we as Christians are a body. There are many parts to the whole: some small, some unique, some hidden- but all necessary to the completion of the body. It takes a like-minded, faithful people who are geared with initiative to build a successful, God-honoring Church. To do this, each and every member is needed to do his or her part for the body of her believers.

Photos by Melissa Schuurmans. Editing by Emily.
On July 3rd, men and women from GBC walked the land to discuss placement for the new Church building.

In application to our Church, as we await the upcoming business meeting, we have been blessed with beautiful land to build upon. The plans for how to pursue it are still being laid on the foundation of prayer and dedication to seeking the Lord’s will. I think just because most of us [specifically the youth] are not literally in leadership position of making the final decisions, it’s easy to forget how important it is that we pray. So just a reminder: let’s join in prayer, especially for our pastor, that the Lord would make it abundantly clear to him, as well as the deacons and congregation, how we should go about building the new church and that we would all be of one accord; content with what will be decided. Let’s all be willing to fulfill our unique roles as parts of the body.

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