Being Still...

I put my left foot in the stirrup and swung myself in to the saddle. Leather against leather and a slight breeze rustling summer greenery were the only sounds. Reins in hand and adjusted comfortably, I gave a soft click of my tongue, and we were on our way for a peaceful ride, to think.

Sometimes these quiet times are so needful. The business in life surrounds us so quickly. God told Elijah that He was not in the strong wind, the earthquake or the fire, but the still, small voice. This is such a beautiful picture to me, that God, in all His power and majesty, speaks so softly, so tenderly, to the heart of man.

I rode up a hill, weaving between this tree and that bush, taking in the complexity of God’s creation. Upon arriving at the top, I pulled gently at the reins, “Whoa, boy.” Again, the breeze came and then left ever so quickly. Our life is like a vapor. Looking around at the landscape below, I began to cry, thinking of all the assumptions that are put on God, the fearlessness and sinfulness that we brought to what was once so pure!

Coming down the hill, I began to focus once again on the joy of being loved by God and being given the liberty to commune with Him in prayer. I rode around some, discovering little areas in the pasture, and then decided to come home. Leaning forward, I braced myself for a full gallop. Slowly having come to a stop, I swung myself down from the saddle and was ready to continue from the short pause in my day.